Extend the Life of your Colour

Extend the Life of your Colour

September 13, 2023

All signs say it’s time to have fun with your locks again!  But anyone who has tried to maintain coloured hair knows how much work it is to stop it from fading.  So, for this reason, you should invest in some extra products to turn your coloured hair journey into a success story.  

1. Oribe's Beautiful Colour Shampoo

Never compromise your coloured hair again! While regularly shampooing your hair can wash away its badass colour, Oribe offers formulas that actually work to protect your colour. 

2. Oribe's Beautiful Colour Conditioner

This luxurious formula deeply hydrates, preserves vibrancy with UV protection, and enhances color brilliance. Repair and strengthen your hair, unveiling soft, resilient strands that exude a captivating fragrance. 

3. Oribe's Beautiful Colour Masque

Experience the ultimate transformation with a luxurious treatment for colour-treated hair. This intensely nourishing formula enhances colour brilliance, fortifies strands, and provides UV protection.

4. Oribe's Power Drops Colour Booster

This highly concentrated treatment serum has gained a celebrity following and a permanent position in the salons of the best tressed. The serum acts as a shield against UV rays and enhances colour retention for healthier hair and long-lasting colour. 

5. Oribe's Glaze for Beautiful Colour 

Like magic in a bottle, this one-of-a-kind glaze floods your locks with radiant shimmer and a lustrous finish. Packed with natural goodies, it babies your hair into silkiness while defending its vibrant shade. It’s a colour revolution that keeps your mane looking straight out of the salon—every single day.