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About Combs

Allure by Epic is excited to present a handpicked collection of combs from trusted brands like Evo, GHD, and Wet Brush. Designed to cater to various hair needs and preferences of our Australian clientele, each comb in our range is an epitome of functionality and style.

Why Choose Our Combs?

  • Evo Combs: Known for their durable construction and innovative designs, ideal for precise styling and sectioning.
  • GHD Combs: These combs are perfect for creating smooth, sleek styles, and are heat resistant, making them suitable for use with styling tools.
  • Wet Brush Combs: Specialize in gently detangling wet hair, minimizing breakage and discomfort.

Suitable for Every Hair Type:

  • Fine Hair: Opt for finer tooth combs for precision and minimal static.
  • Thick Hair: Choose combs with wider teeth to detangle efficiently without pulling.
  • Curly Hair: Wet Brush combs are excellent for detangling curls without disrupting their natural shape.

Our collection features combs that are not just practical, but also elevate your hair care routine. Whether it's for detangling, styling, or evenly distributing hair products, our combs are meticulously selected to ensure superior performance and hair health.

Find the perfect comb to complement your styling arsenal at Allure by Epic – where elegance and effectiveness unite.

Eleven Elegance

Australian-brand, haircare and tools for vibrant, healthy, and stylish locks


Evo Brushes
Style Innovators

Combining ergonomic designs with effective styling, perfect for modern haircare needs.


Elegance Redefined

UK-designed for style and hair health, merging sophistication with technology.


Gentle Untangling

Expertly designed for pain-free detangling, protecting hair from breakage and stress.