Meet the K18 Clean Canvas Range

Meet the K18 Clean Canvas Range

September 13, 2023

Just got back from vacation and your hair is feeling a bit… tired? Discover the perfect detox to revive your hair after a vacay!

A healthy head of hair is essential for better hair days, which is why a regular detox can make a huge difference. If you’re dealing with an itchy scalp or lackluster hair, try these products to detox your mane!


Step 1. K18 Peptide Detox Shampoo

A colour-safe clarifying shampoo with skincare-inspired ingredients + microdosed with the patented K18PEPTIDE™ to nourish hair while removing buildup for a clean, healthy hair canvas. This is your holy grail product to cleanse and detox your mane!

Step 1. K18 PH Maintenance Shampoo

Talk about a gamechanger! What sets K18’s Peptide Prep pH Maintenance shampoo apart from regular shampoos is its unique formula. This shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse and detoxify your hair by removing excess buildup, oil, and dirt. By banishing these impurities, hair is left clean and refreshed for a healthier and more vibrant look. 

Step 2. K18 Molecular Repair Mask

A leave-in treatment mask for all hair types that clinically reverses damage in 4 minutes. The K18 peptide technology works to repair damage from bleach, color, chemical services & heat – restoring strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce to hair.

Step 3. K18 Molecular Repair Oil

This biotech-engineered weightless oil works on all hair types to strengthen, repair damage, reduce frizz at two levels of the hair fiber, and improve shine. The oil carries amino acids into the cortex of hair to reconnect keratin chains and reform disulfide bonds to bring damaged strands back to a youthful state.